Location & Directions

come here and RELAX


We are located centrally in the city, just 2 minutes from a bus stop to the Falls & the Bird Park, with easy bus access to Argentina, Paraguay and the airport.We are just a few minutes’ walk from many of the best pubs, restaurants and attractions in the city.

We are just 150 metres away from the most popular live music bar in town. So if you love staying up all night, this is the place for you. The place really gets rocking at about midnight.

There is a major supermarket just a few minutes’ walk away.



From the airport it could not be easier to find us. Every 20 minutes there is a bus to the Centre of town for R$2.65. The journey is for about 10 minutes along one street (Avenida das Cataratas) and we are the final (request) stop before the end of that long road. We are the second stop just past the Iguassu Boulevard (a large leisure complex which you cannot miss) on the left. You need to cross the road and head uphill for about 25 meters and Rua Major Raul de Matos is the first street on your right. We are 100 metres up on the left (number 78 – look out for the big wooden sign).

A taxi from the airport will probably cost in the region of R$35-40.

From the main intercity bus station, you need to take a bus to the Terminal Urbano for R$2.65. They run every 15 minutes. At that terminal you should take bus number 120 towards the Waterfalls (Cataratas in Portuguese) at no extra cost. It is a short trip into the town which then winds its way onto the Avenida das Cataratas, the road which leads to the Waterfalls. We are at the first (request stop) on that street. Get off the bus, and head up hill for about 10 metres and turn right into Rua Major Raul de Matos. We are 100 metres up on the left (number 78 – look out for the big wooden sign) .

A taxi from the main intercity bus station will probably cost in the region of R$20.